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A cloud based management tool that enables simple, structured, recorded employee engagement.

Supports a regular progress and performance dialogue and feedback habit; not an annual or irregular appraisal event.

Builds mutually agreed agendas, operational and personal development objectives,

discussion points and records. Provides access links to other organisational documents necessary for a successful review; and brings together all recorded activity associated with a pan business project.

Illuminates individual team leader performance

and evidences who might need encouragement, coaching and additional support. Captures both personal development and operational objectives for all employees and automatically populate their one2one review agenda.

Provides secure paper free on line storage; faster 24/7 access, lower costs

and performance enhancing specialist software. Enables a management overview as to who is engaging with their team; and what help they need. Builds an audit trail of mutually agreed records for future reference.

Simple, intuitive cloud powered software, no site installation, support or upgrades necessary.

A UK hosted system and support team. Low cost, pay as you go fees and no long term contracts. A management tool to help managers manage better.

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Employee Engagement and Performance Management


The issue; improving organisational performance,

Individual commitment and energy drives all organisational performance; and as humans can vary their output dependant on how they feel… they do.

This can be the challenge of Employee Engagement for many managers; particularly for those promoted from a specialist technical background.

The daily task of Employee Engagement and Performance Management is the unique responsibility of their Manager, no one else should be held accountable for their team’s contribution.

Engagement with the many cannot succeed without the competence of the few.


The Benefits; if the issue is resolved;

Better Managers; Improved engagement and communication through face to face one2one reviews of “How are things going?”; “What help do you need?”

More output for the same cost; Increased productivity, less bureaucratic processes, less paper, Progress and performance record keeping in real time; as a habit not an event.

More engaged people; providing more innovation, better customer service, and greater commitment to mutual success. Better staff retention and less sickness and absence.

A Return On Investment; measured by hours, if not minutes.

Choice of functionality with SME and +SME Plus versions.

one2onetracker one2onetracker one2onetracker

What’s First? Improve management performance.

Stop using the dark phrase Performance Management, and focus on helping all the people to be the best they can be; all the time.

Equip Managers with the skills and competences for the future by using the tool that helps them get the best out of their people....one2onetracker. A dedicated management development tool not just another part of ‘the total HR package’.


Define record and publish the expected generic behaviours, skills and responsibilities of people called managers in your future organisation; irrespective of function.

Measure the leadership and management competence of team leaders at every level of management within the organisation against this future expectation. Create a personal development plan to improve each manager

Modify regular operational progress review meetings by recording what was discussed about the activities and behaviours that went well or disappointed.

Engage and capture an individual’s performance in the workplace when it happened as a habit; not a subjective observation at a appraisal ‘event’.

How do we do that? Use one2onetracker a management tool that delivers;

A simple system that can be configured to meet needs of the organisation; start with a senior manager and their direct reports. As confidence grows; add their direct reports and use additional functions to measure more.

An easy to use objective setting, structured discussions, feedback and record keeping process that helps improve employee engagement; raise employee productivity, and reduce staff turnover.

Clarity to team member’s role and their contribution towards the organisations goals, a better understanding that leads to greater commitment and more positive relationships. Alignment of individual objectives with strategic goals.

Employee entered objectives and progress narrative with mutually agreed review meeting records; providing a platform for a less contentious, evidenced based appraisal review.

Discussions focused on operational objectives and the personal performance that created either good or disappointing progress feedback; with planned next actions recorded. Real time reports evidencing the plan.

Specialist, low cost, intuitive, cloud based performance enhancing secure software, not bloatware. A management tool to engage evidence and support everyone’s personal development. Pay as you go contract, no tyranny of the long term locked in commitment.

A look inside one2onetracker

Start your free trial Now; no risk; no commitment... Contact us at hello@one2onetracker or call on +44(0)20 8123 9906...

"The power of the tool is in the name: 'one2onetracker' instils the discipline of conducting regular team-leader with team-member evidence based performance reviews. Both sets of comments, concerns and feedback are recorded separately and independently which encourages honesty. As a senior manager I particularly like the 'Report' function which can give an early indication of potential line manager issues."
Paul Watson, Operations Director, Kelvin Hughes Ltd.

"The introduction of one2one Tracker into our business has revolutionised the value of our 1:1 process. The system helps us to keep a clear audit trail of discussions, track recurring issues more easily, and as the HR Manager I can easily see who is or isn't on top of their 1:1 schedule. The system has added real value to our business and we are reaping the rewards in increased performance levels and a more engaged workforce as a result."
Phil Lewis, HR & Compliance Manager, Source Insurance Ltd.

"Introducing and using one2onetracker has helped bring clarity to roles and responsibilities whilst keeping people focussed on their objectives.
It has allowed management to engage more effectively with staff and encouraged two way discussions; helping both management and staff alike to develop and improve performance.
Top level tracking with its reporting tools ensures all personnel are having regular meaningful dialogue with their line management.
This has enabled key issues to be highlighted and dealt with quickly."

Keith Heslop
Operations Director, Cerulean.

We provide the one2onetracker service free of charge to Registered Charitable Organisations.
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