Cloud based

Browser based software never requires installation processes or hard drive space on your computer. It lives ​as a virtual cloud within the Internet and is always the latest version.

Updates happen without you noticing. Instead of having to upgrade individual users systems, the upgrades are applied to the server and each user received the updated version the next time they log in.Always on; anywhere, anytime, always up to date.

Wherever you are you can access the most up to date information; no syncing of files between your laptop and desktop; no "have they completed their input" worries. There is only one file; and it's always up to date.

Always safer. Computers and storage media of all description can be lost; or stolen. Having your people information stored in a world class, secure data centre is the safer option your data is kept at an on line banking level of encryption; backed up daily; it's probably safer than your desktop!

Usable from low spec PCs and tablets. You don't need a rocket machine to use the software; because the software is not on your machine. Just access the net and go.

Low-cost support and maintenance. Given that the browser is now the platform, and the software is being looked after by someone else; there is less need for a team of on site tech guys maintaining the system.