Computers and storage media of all description can be lost; or stolen. Having your people information stored in a world class, secure data centre is the safer option your data is kept at an on line banking level of encryption; backed up daily; it's probably safer than your desktop!

Data is backed up every 24hrs in a different location to the main servers and written to multiple disks instantly. We can perform full backup recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency. System availability is over 99%.

Every employee creates their own unique password. If they are a team leader, this allows them access to the team members' records; if they are a team member it gives them access to their individual record.

one2onetracker has a forgotten password facility.

These passwords are required to close the one2one meeting minutes as a true agreed record by both parties. The fail safe is that a meeting record can be unlocked by a third party, usually Personnel or Human Resources; subject to mutual agreement.

The next one2one review cannot be set up in the system until both parties have signed off and closed the previous review.

The system includes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security. SSL uses certificates purchased from certifying authorities, who independently verify ownership of the website, to encrypt and secure the communication between the users browser and the service. This is the same level of security encryption that is used to secure payments online using credit/debit cards. All of the system is secured in this way. This can be seen by the use of the 'https' prefix on the webpages, where the 's' stands for secure communications, and also by the appearance of the security icon or padlock on the browser. This can be clicked on to see additional information regarding our certifying authority and the validity of the certificate used.

Should you decide to stop using the service your historic records can be sent to you as HTML files for your retention and storage. There is a fee for this service.