Improve employee engagement; raise employee productivity; reduce staff turnover

Regular, measured, and recorded engagement between team members and team leaders. Face to face, but also remotely by video link or telephone and shared internet screens.
From CEO through to the most junior members of the organisation an evidenced commitment to engage; the art of moving an one2one review from a performance rating event to a discussion habit.

The continuous, systematic process of structured discussion about the day to day business of the business

Answers to the question "How am I doing" delivered throughout the year; not once a year.

Equip your team with a simple, framework of mutually agreed agendas, objectives, record keeping, and annual appraisal. Create an audit trail of engagement that is illuminated by examples of not only exceptional and disappointing progress and performance; but everything in-between.

Shape a review meeting process that makes it easier for the needs and wants of all personalities to be met.

Build trust and respect through equal input by both parties. one2one review meeting records have to be mutually agreed, and locked, before the next review can be set up.

Run reports that show objectives outside their target completion dates
Run reports and identify who has, and who has not had an one2one review between two dates.