one2onetracker provides the framework where performance against mutually agreed objectives can be measured and recorded progressively throughout the year.

An one2onetracker appraisal can bring all, or some, of the discussion points, together with permanent and timed objectives into one appraisal agenda document about performance in the round. It also provides an opportunity to revisit objectives that may have been set concerning behaviour, attitude, relationship skills technical competence and personal development.

Bespoke organisational key values can included within the appraisal agenda and individual performance to these values can be discussed and recorded.

Every organisation can include bespoke questions within the appraisal process to ensure consistency of discussion topics. In addition to Permanent and Timed objectives questions such as the following can be asked of all employees.

These bespoke questions can be entered in the Record Administration section under Appraisal …..New Discussion Point; and will appear in all employees appraisals.

one2onetracker provides the opportunity for both Team Member and Line Manager to score performance against all objectives and questions independently and write narrative as required. The system allows both parties to complete the document progressively over a period of time with the option of ether showing or not showing the other party the incomplete content. When both parties have completed and are content with their record the record is closed and sent out with an agenda for the meeting.

At the appraisal meeting an assessment for the year is recorded and personal development plan agreed