Continuous Personal Improvement

Finding the “thing” that makes your organisation stand out from the mass of providers; and putting it at the centre of all your energy expenditure, will invariably make you the recognisable force in your chosen market niche.

one2one meetingWe are of the view that there is only one consistent point of difference between organisations; it’s their people. Their behaviour, attitude, competence, commitment and energy define the customer experience at every level.

We suspect the key that unlocks all these inputs, from all the members of the team, and organisation; is leadership and management. If it is the people that make the difference; the master key is the consistent regular managing of people performance.

We live in an interdependent society, all endeavour is interdependent; the minimum requirement of a team member is they strive to be the best they can be. Continuing membership of the team is invariably based upon behaviour, attitude, current competence and an ability to cope with continuous change.

Unless team members have regular reviews with their team leader how will they know whether they are meeting the performance standards expected; in fact how will they know what these standards are. How will they improve without the gift of time from their leader?

A regular, routine and consistent review every 4 to 6 weeks is the communication framework that enables ever improving performance.

one2onetracker creates a intuitive framework of processes to set objectives and create permanent mutually agreed meeting records. It tracks and evidences individual performance against objectives; it aligns these objectives with those of the team and organisation.

one2one meetingIt provides an opportunity to formally measure and record performance against mutually agreed targets and objectives set by either team member or team leader. By creating a regular, consistent format of personal revue meetings a landscape of trust can be created; where open and honest feedback can occur.

Success can be praised; and challenges of behaviour, attitude, relationships, progress and competence be frankly discussed and plans for improvement agreed and recorded.

When reviewing team leader performance organisation wide questions of leadership skills and behaviour will help create a consistent culture of positive performance for this key group of people. A sample of leadership behaviours and skills to test and develop can be found at the Development Tools.

The agenda of one2one meetings needs to reflect the maturity and consistency of an organisations meetings culture. If there is little or no history of regular formal one2one meetings an overly ambitious agenda can be too challenging for an inexperienced manager to deliver and control.

The agenda in the first instance need be no more than a few powerful questions; for example

As competence, confidence and trust grows, discussions can become broader and deeper in their content and challenge,

History shows regular routines help identify managers who may need support and development in improving the effectiveness of their meetings, staff interactions and performance management skills.

All outputs from these meetings can be accessed by authorised line and HR managers. Support, encouragement and leadership development therefore can be provided in a bespoke rather than a generic process.

one2onetracker is a web based secure subscription service with a return on investment measured in hours rather than years.