Mike Bennettone2onetracker is a performance management service provided by Broxburn Drive Ltd; Business Improvement Consultants. It has been designed by Mike Bennett who after nearly 20 years as a Chief Executive, and then 20 years as a consultant has evidence that open and honest feedback is the key driver of personal performance.

It is his belief that it's everybody's right to be led and managed, to know that they are truly helping;

or as Warren Bennis says "to know they are doing the right thing" the "right way"

Most organisation acknowledge that letting people know how they are performing is essential; and have in place structures and process that "appraise" people of their performance over a period of time.

Unfortunately in many instances it an annual event where the content has little or no evidence to support it. Unsurprisingly the process falters and either quietly dies and is never spoken of again; or may become an activity that "must get ticked off, so I can get my bonus".

Mike says "the best time to talk about personal performance is when talking about progress made on agreed objectives; because all progress is a consequence of performance. If progress is good, so has been performance and that's the time to record it. If progress has disappointed then performance must be discussed, an action plan put in place; and recorded.

It seemed to me that every organisation had a review meeting to talk about progress; and recorded the outputs and actions. However they did not record the individual personal performance that created the progress that pleased or disappointed, even though individual performance was discussed at the review. It is the progress review meeting that creates the records to evidence the formal appraisal content.

Over the years I have developed the Progress + Performance review idea by using a folder of progress and performance reviews paper records and then an Excel spread sheet. As a Consultant, when clients became interested in using it; we wrote a server version. Last year we transferred the service into the cloud with all the benefits of an always on, anytime , anywhere service. We now have the ability to deliver management maxim;

"What gets recorded gets measured; what gets measured gets managed"

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